For the cultural heritage and nature of Kormakitis (Cyprus)
Για την πολιτιστική κληρονομιά και τη φύση του Κορμακίτη (Κύπρου)
Kültürel ve tabii değerlerizi koruma: Koruçam (Kıbrıs)

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Awards of photographic competition "TULIPA CYPRIA IN KORMAKITIS"


The association "Kormakitis Trust" announces that the awards ceremony of the photo competition held in April 2016, will take place on Friday August 12th  at 8: 00pm in Kormakitis village,  during the closing celebration of the children participating in language camp KMA.

During the award ceremony, all the participating photos will be presented in a short audiovisual

Tulipa Cypria in Kormakitis - 1st Photographic Competition

"Kormakitis Trust" Association, a non-governmental organization for the protection and improvement of the cultural heritage and nature of Kormakitis, announces the 1st Photographic Competition with the title:

"Tulipa Cypria in Kormakitis"

March to 11th April 2016
1st Prize €400, 2nd Prize €200 and 3rd Prize €100

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